It’s only stress – how to tame it?


If you already have to stress, perhaps it is worth doing so differently? Understand the impact of stimulus-rich environments on your wellbeing and get to know tension-relief practices in order to take care of yourself better. With this set you will:

  • learn about contemporary research findings as well as scientific ways of thinking about stress, and take a more conscious look at your own stress response

  • deepen, nuance (or maybe even change!) your understanding of stress

  • discover the role of mindset in experiencing stress

  • learn to distinguish between eustress and distress, as well as proactive and reactive coping mechanisms

  • become familiar with different ways of dealing with tension

What is it?

A set of 50 thematic cards, each one containing questions, quotes or thought experiments intended to help you explore or change your attitude towards stress.

Pressure and stress are common experiences that occur not only at work or school, but also in everyday life. They give troublesome symptoms – including psychosomatic ones. So how should we think about stress? Is it inherently as bad as it is said to be? The cards in this set provide an opportunity to consider emotional arousal from different perspectives, including approaches that are outside the box, yet based on scientific findings. We hope they will inspire you to cope with stress more effectively.

Illustrations: Anna Jęchorek

For whom?

  • Anyone that wants to learn more about experiencing stress

  • Those looking for ways to cope with stress

  • Everyone who works with people experiencing stress

  • Team Leaders and HR Persons wanting to tackle stress-related challenges with their teams

Some instructions

Use the cards by yourself, in pairs, or in groups – as a conversation starter during a meeting with friends or an icebreaker during workshops with a team.

When using the cards:

  • make sure to find your own way and pace; there are no strict rules, but we do recommend a thorough reading
  • the only correct answers are your answers
  • you may disagree with their contents
  • thinking differently is welcome – dare to question and argue
  • take care of your comfort: don’t answer if you don’t want to

If you have questions, want to share your thoughts, elaborate on a thread or simply want to find out more, please reach out!

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