In search of identity – getting to know you(rself)!


The better we know ourselves, the better our lives will be” – said Irvin Yalom, a well-recognized American psychotherapist. At Myślnik we also assume that deepening our knowledge about ourselves has many benefits. That is why we designed a card set on the topic of identity. Thanks to this set you will:

  • delve into what’s important to you

  • inspect your everyday choices

  • identify your patterns

  • be more thoughtful of your own thoughts and actions

  • learn what you don’t yet know about yourself


What is it?

A set of 50 thematic cards, each one containing food for thought – asking questions, presenting a quote or posing a thought experiment to help you change perspective and explore your own identity.

The cards in this set address some of the most frequently asked questions: Who am I? What am I like? Who do I want to be? Why am I like this? What do I stand for? Their aim is to give you a hand in reflecting the ways in which you construct your identity. They will broaden your psychological, cultural and philosophical knowledge in this area and allow you to define yourself consciously.

Illustrations: Anna Jęchorek

For whom?

  • Anyone that wants to learn more about themselves

  • Those intending to get to know others better

  • Everyone planning or going through a life transition

  • Young adults – generations Y and Z

  • School teachers

  • Managers and teams working on brand strategy

  • Young entrepreneurs at the stage of defining their own business

Some instructions

Use the cards by yourself, in pairs, or in groups – as a conversation starter during a meeting with friends or an icebreaker during workshops with a team.

When using the cards:

  • make sure to find your own way and pace; there are no strict rules, but we do recommend a thorough reading
  • the only correct answers are your answers
  • you may disagree with their contents
  • thinking differently is welcome – dare to question and argue
  • take care of your comfort: don’t answer if you don’t want to

If you have questions, want to share your thoughts, elaborate on a thread or simply want to find out more, please reach out!

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